IPhone applications for landscape architects

As we all know, iPhone apps can be used as powerful tools in a number of domains. One such domain is architecture, where the architects can use their iPhones as great tools to find solutions to everyday challenges. Architectures are now using the technology for the landscape and outdoor industry. There are hundreds of iPhone apps for landscaping, which will draw the attention of users. Some of the useful landscaping iPhone and iPad app are –

Dirr’s Tree and Shrub Finder

This is a perfect app for landscape architectures who use Dirr’s videos all the time at work. Now, the landscape architects can use this tool in their mobile devices which is available in the app store. The users can find the tree’s and shrubs using their iPhone devices. This is a featured app which is available at a nominal price.

Botany Buddy

This is an ideal app for identifying plants in the field and selecting plants for the yard. This app is a collaboration of lifelong gardener who has a creative and innovative technology team and a veteran landscape designer. The app brings users together and provide the information they need to succeed.

Eden Garden Designer

This app lets the users design beautiful gardens on their iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The users can start with the pre-included gardens which are ready for planting or create their own garden  through their iPhone camera or photo library. This app is fully animated where the plants wave in the wind and the bees buzz from one flower to the other. The app is provided with a plant library which is stocked with beautiful pictures of plants and flowers. The users are allowed to search for the plants by name, height, zone, sun exposure, color, blooming etc.


This is an easy to use and very interactive field guide to the native plants of North Eastern America. The latest edition in the app focuses on a variety of trees, ferns, shrubs, perennials and grasses which are indigenous to North Eastern United States. This is a perfect guide for those who want to identify the species in garden with native plants. 

Garden Design

This app helps the users design their own garden. Using this app, the users can see how it looks when a new plant or tree is planted in a particular location in their garden. The users need to take a picture of the garden with their iPhone and use that picture as the background of this app. Now, the user can add plants or trees on the top of the background and drag it with finger to different locations of the garden. The users can even increase or decrease the size of the plant or delete the plant. This app brings more fun and makes gardening more enthusiastic.

Audubon Trees

The app is an essential guide to the trees in North America. The app features in-depth information on 906 trees in the US and Canada. The app provides valuable information from renowned Audubon field guides with more than 2,000 beautiful photos. One can find complete descriptions of leaves, fruits, range, habitat and much more with the help of this app. 

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